What is Yoga?

Yoga originated thousands and thousands of years ago, and no one knows exactly when. From then until now, the experience of yoga increases vitality, calms the mind, improves health, opens the heart and transcends cultures and religions. Yoga is practiced by many people because it transcends cultures by tapping into the deeper part of the “self” and fully creating venues for us to fully unify the body, mind and soul.


Basically, yoga is about making balance and creating equanimity so as to live in peace, good health and harmony.
  • The word yoga means “UNION” yoga comes from sanskrit root to join or concentrate on.
  • Yoga has the divine ability to reunite polarities and merge opposites. Once you experience the pure state of union, you feel happiness, joy, peace, balance, bliss and the full essence of your true self. The practice of yoga is an art and science dedicated to creating union between body, mind and soul. It’s objective is to assist practitioners in using the breath and body to foster an awareness of ourselves as individualized beings intimately connected to the unified whole of creation.


  • Faith full belief and trust in yourself and universe
  • Surrounding to the divine letting go and allowing yourself to receive love
  • Sound vibration
  • Endless/without boundaries expanding beyond your physical & mental capacity
  • Vinyasa flow of movement & breath, tap in the source , be in the breath, and embody the joy of life through energetic movement


Overall, yoga is not a religion. It is a philosophy, a lifestyle and a way of life. The experience encourages you to be honest, loving, joyful, generous, forgiving, tolerant, and open to the divine possibilities of life.

Based on the principles and lessons cultivated on the mat, the following statements speaks to how you can
celebrate and live a full and abundant life off the mat.

  • Face your own demons with compassion & bravery
  • Step into a place of honesty and stand in your own truth
  • Trust you have faith in yourself and others
  • Let down your walls and reveal your heart
  • Follow your passions with conviction and purpose
  • Give and leave with love
  • Be your divine self without apologizing

The ultimate aim of yoga is to reach “ultimate freedom”. Freedom is peace, tranquility, and bliss. Freedom is the joy of being in the self, with the self and of the divine self.