These Are The 10 Energetic Shifts of Belief Change

Aka: the physics of changing your mind.

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Anytime you’re seeking a shift in your life—be it a pesky habit or a pivotal belief, something minor or seismic—there’s going to be a shift in your energy. I’m not just talking about the power that propels you out of bed in the morning or gets you through that last mile on the treadmill (although your alertness and physical stamina might be impacted too.)

But I’m talking about energy changing on a physics and metaphysics level.

There’s a formula that captures this shift perfectly:

Intention + Attention = Manifestation

In other words, the intention you’re setting (or goal you’re aspiring to, or commitment you’re making) generates the activation energy required to create the change you want to make. When it comes to changing your beliefs, the intention you set and the activity you attend to should correspond to the results you want to see in your life—the belief you want to fall away and the one you want to nurture to replace it. The energy you put into both your intention (the idea you want to change) and the attention (the work you do to rewrite your belief) have to be in alignment, focused on your goal of belief change and what is necessary for you to get you closer to it.

Sound a little too “woo” for you? Think again. These are fundamental energetic shifts you must go through, and they occur on a physics level. Consider all the energy that went into building your beliefs in the first place. Over time, these physical and metaphysical changes took place in your body and mind to imbed a particular idea into your subconsciousness. In a way, you must reverse that process to evoke change, walking yourself back through each belief building block to dismantle it and build something new.

It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible either.

There are ten energetic shift processes to belief change—and like it or not, you can’t skip ’em.

  1. Centration
    As you begin to radically change your beliefs, practice centering activities to ground yourself as the center of your reality. Changing your beliefs includes evolving your belief-building process to operate from a grounded center.
  2. Allurement
    Once centered in your reality, you’ll attract things that you already are or develop sensitivities to things that exist on new vibrations or different frequencies from what you’ve been used to—and you need these to grow and evolve. Get curious and ask yourself: Is this where I want to be, or do I want a different experience?
  3. Emergence
    Understanding and addressing any latent thoughts and ideas within you is required to emerge and expand into a larger universe. When these beliefs start to make themselves known to your conscious mind, begin to ask: What if? I wonder what life could look like if…? Consider: What do I want to do on this Earth?
  4. Homeostasis
    It can be all too easy to build a norm around asking yourself questions and forgetting to actually answer them. Homeostasis is the process of organizing and maintaining the new behaviors and values you have acquired with your new beliefs, resulting in a new level of consciousness. Through homeostasis, you can reach a new level of consciousness. If the beliefs you hold here are healthy, you can hang out in the space of homeostasis for a while—maybe for the rest of your life.
  5. Cataclysm
    A cataclysm is precisely what it sounds like: the breakdown of old energy and habits necessary to lead to a breakthrough. You must dismantle and dissolve old energy and patterns to change them. Nearly everyone experiences some type of cataclysm, whether in habits or health, family dynamics, friendships and other relationships, in one’s career or finances. Cataclysm is where you arrive at the seat of your suffering—and it’s also where most people return to the old familiar, fighting to maintain their homeostasis. Cataclysm is the place where mindfulness and the willingness to sit in silence―even when it’s filled with suffering—is more crucial than ever. If you’re able to sit in silence for even just one or two minutes, you’ll begin to realize your suffering is a path, not a roadblock.
  6. Synergy
    This is when you’ll begin to discover mutually enhancing relationships being created in your life. In other words, the universe will provide the people, teachers, and other resources you need to protect and guide you on the other side of the cataclysm. Once you’re through the breakdown, new particles and energy frequencies come together to guide you into a new level of awareness.
  7. Transmutation
    Transmutation requires the significant inner change that leads to real growth and evolution towards a new belief system. The energetic shift of transmutation is how all changes occur over time. Once synergy starts, transmutation occurs. The transmutation of energy allows you to let go of the thoughts that no longer serve you, creating space where you can begin to put new beliefs in place.
  8. Transformation
    Transformation is recognizing having changed on an individual level, which ultimately leads to change on a universal level of consciousness. As you personally being to transform, you begin to transform your entire reality too. Your outer world begins to reflect your inner shifts.
  9. Care
    It’s essential to participate in activities that nurture and honor your growth and evolution through the energetic shift processes. Allow yourself to tend to and care for the new energy you’ve generated.
  10. Radiance
    In physics, when energy shifts, the light released is called radiance. Radiance is light released from inside you, entirely generated by your new beliefs. In radiance, you enter into resonance with the entire universe. Your new belief system creates a radiance that others can sense. (And seriously, who doesn’t want to radiate light and joy?)

Diving into these energetic shifts is where the quantum physics or mindfulness practices really starts to become apparent. Mindfulness says: Come and sit with yourself, in the seat of silence, and I promise you that you can sit with this suffering. If you do, wild transformation emerges.

As a coach and consultant, I don’t just firmly believe that we all can do this; I’ve personally lived it and witnessed it. Many people have spent their lives building armor around their radiant light because somebody, somewhere, told them that they couldn’t shine. But every person possesses the seeds of greatness that allow them to radiate.

Even you.

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