Our Story

Our Story

Oh, hey there. Since you’ve found yourself all the way over here, in the story of how RVA’s very own Mindfulness Bar came to be, then you probably already know a little bit about us: Yedda and Rose. Maybe you’ve heard that we’re two beautiful, brunette souls—with plenty of brains to back ‘em up. You’ve probably heard that Mindfulness Bar is a fun, friendly place to practice yoga, meditation, and mindfulness—with our signature, sassy, soulful twist of self-actualization, of course. You might even know that Mindfulness Bar began as a collaboration of our two beloved businesses: Shockoe Slip Yoga and Fantastically Fit.

But that, fellow seekers, is only the beginning.

Behind our adventurous energy and cocktail-themed classes and consulting services, you’ll discover two totally badass women whose teachings are informed by two lifetimes of knowledge and experience. Yedda’s road to mindfulness mastery began at the feet of great suffering and three literal masters who are her personal friends and mentors: learning leadership from Ken Blanchard, entrepreneurship from Cameron Herald, and mindfulness from Deepak Chopra. Rose’s journey has taken her from where she was born, in Tehran, Iran, all the way around the world—seeking education, adventure, and fun. Yedda has almost died twice. Rose has been skydiving more times than either of us can count. Yedda is a tattooed library nerd who geeks out over spiritual and behavioral theory books, and loves PBS Masterpiece Theatre and 18th century buckled shoes (well, all shoes, really). Rose has gone deep sea diving with sharks. On purpose. She speaks multiple languages and can bring out the Persian prince or princess in anyone (can you say boujee). Yedda teaches entrepreneurship globally in Africa and the Middle East as well as locally at the University of Richmond MBA program, as well as workshops and keynotes in leadership and empowerment (even at an all women’s university in Saudi Arabia!) and coaches c-suite executives in achieving their highest potential. (Yedda’s coaching) Rose will teach you how to follow your heart and chase adventures around the world. We both have MBAs, and know how to use ‘em.

We know, we know—bios are boring. But we have to brag a little about what we bring to the bar. And we know when it’s cool to let our egos come out and play. In addition to all our formal education and experience, Yedda is a certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and certified Narrative Coach; and Rose is a certified Yoga Teacher and Trainer. We could list a billion other things here too but the best way to see what we do is to come hang out with us!

Oh yeah, and when Yedda was a teenager she was so in love with Rob Lowe that she jacked up her parents’ phone bill hundreds of dollars by repeatedly calling information in California, just trying to get his phone number. And when Rose was a teenager, she stole her moms car to go on a joy ride late at night in Iran. Without a license. Because she’s always (seriously, ALWAYS) looking for adventure.

That all has nothing to do with this story, but we thought you should know we gals know how to get things done and have some very creative ways of going about it. (BTW Rob, if you’re reading this, we’ve got a yoga mat rolled out and waiting for you.)

Our goal at Mindfulness Bar is to make silence sexy (because, ICYMI, it’s your soul that makes you sexy) and take mindfulness mainstream—well that, and to drop a ton of totally transformational knowledge on you, about the science and psychology behind how and why mindfulness doesn’t just chill you out, but actually works to change the neural circuitry of your brain, literally rewiring the behavioral patterns that are no longer serving you, and is basically the number one secret to changing your life. We won’t just coach you into complicated yoga poses, we’ll actually coach you and your mind, by diving into the neuroplasticity of your brain, teaching you what is happening in you as you sit on your mat, and demonstrating why you’re going to want to return to your mat, over and over again.

And no, we don’t serve alcohol. But the knowledge and experiences we’re serving up, you’re not going to get anywhere else. Just because it’s cool to be in the world doesn’t mean you have to be a product of the world, and that’s why we took the most popular place people go to escape suffering and have fun, and turned it into a space to have fun finding your truth and yourself, instead.

All you have to do is walk through our door… We’re holding a spot at the bar for you.