Our Crew


AaronIf you ever need a ride to the studio, don’t ask Aaron—he never learned how to drive. (While we’re at it, don’t ask him to taste test your guacamole either—he has a single-point genetic mutation that makes cilantro taste like soap.) What you can ask Aaron for is a totally badass yoga class: one that’s informed by his own background as a neuroscientist. From the first yoga class he ever took, this books and coffee-loving yogi was hooked. Aaron approaches life with his own, unique blend of logic, equanimity, and imagination. By the way, if you’re ever looking for Aaron and can’t find him, he’s probably meditating in the storage room.


BrandonWhen Brandon’s not enjoying cold showers, meditating underwater, or falling into Indonesian underground drainage holes, you might just find him at the Golden Arches, one of his earthly indulgences. Even though this yogi thought he would grow up to live a life at sea, the yoga studio quickly became his second home; and he became a yoga instructor instead. (One who consistently practices on a VR flying carpet in space. Buckle up, yogis.) Brandon approaches teaching with a curiosity to understand stress, trauma, and the nervous system—and that helps him view yoga and meditation through a lens of healing, balance, and biological well-being.


HeatherIt was during Heather’s first yoga teacher training in 2013 that she gained the clarity, inspiration, and determination to quit her office job and start her own business. And nope, she’s never looked back. Instead, the experience taught this wine-and-cheese lovin’ yogi to recognize when fear is holding her back and to face it—and that includes public speaking! (And also mushrooms.) Attracted to yoga from an early age, Heather describes the practice as having a strong, magnetic force—so get ready to have you mind blown when you join her on your own mat. Pairing her love of yoga with the travel company she runs, Heather brings intention to her teaching by leading active, adventurous yoga retreats in all corners of the world. She believes that life is yoga, and yoga is a lifelong journey of discovery. Check her out—she’s just getting started.


LanyBelieve it or not, the way into Lany’s heart just might be a box of spicy mango candy. Well that, or a yoga class full of hip openers. This yogi says one of her earthly indulgences is sleep, but you wouldn’t know it from the wealth of experiences she boasts. Deeply inspired by the Ashtanga practice and some of it’s most influential teachers, Lany believes that Ashtanga is her (strangely familiar) life practice. After studying in Charlottesville, India, and plenty of places in between (including meditating in the bathroom of an ice cream shop in Avon, North Carolina—with her entire family waiting outside), she’s also on a journey to become a bodhisattva. When you come to her class, be ready to practice, practice, and practice.


LeslieSweaty yogis rejoice! Leslie has no sense of smell (so stink up her classes all you want, folks.) On a mission to spread hope wherever she can, this yogi defines herself through love, hope, family. And yes, that love includes her athleisure wear indulgence—she’s been known to jump into rivers on a whim, so the quicker they dry the better. At 9-years-old she found herself meditating in Mad Italian restaurant, in Petersburg Virginia. (If this sounds strange, it isn’t—Leslie’s dad has encouraged a life of mindfulness and meditation since she was a child.) A marriage to a disabled veteran exposed this yogi to another side of being—one that brought her own life trauma, and joy, and will deeply inform the classes you take with her.


MarissaWhen you sign up for a class with Marissa, get ready to flow with a passionate, playful Leo whose earthly indulgence is coffee. This outdoor-loving, globetrotting yogi has been practicing since middle school: so you know you’re in experienced hands with her. Marissa comes to Mindfulness Bar via Los Angeles, via Hawaii—with some Icelandic black sand beach yoga thrown somewhere in between. Oh, and if you think she looks familiar—yes, she really IS that extra from One Tree Hill.


RoseFrom Tehran, Iran to RVA, Rose has dedicated her life to chasing adventure around the world. From taking dozens of skydives to going deep sea diving with sharks, there isn’t much this yogi won’t try. She’ll teach you to have fun on your mat and encourage you to follow your heart—and from the very first moment you meet her, you’ll feel like you’ve found your new best friend. That’s just Rose: she treats everyone like family—but she’s also not afraid to push you out of a plane if you chicken out.


YeddaYedda’s alter ego is Audrey Hepburn—well, to be specific, Audrey Hepburn circa Breakfast at Tiffany’s, only totally Zen, poised in lotus position, with her long cigarette holder in her mouth. Wearing all black. In a tiara. (And secretly still in love with Rob Lowe.) Elegant and enlightened, wildly wacky and wicked, when you sit with this Saja you can expect a fun and quirky energy, a bit of brilliance, plenty of intellectual intercourse, and a lifetime of accrued knowledge to back it all up.