Here at the Mindfulness Bar we’re serving up good ole fashion silence and awareness with a unique twist on knowledge and experience. The only question is: how do you take yours?

Daily Specials
By the Shot (Quiet Room)

This 15 minute shot of silence is offered daily any time you need to sneak out and just breathe away from the office. Reserve your 15 minutes of mindfulness in our private Quiet Room, where you can relax in a chaise hammock (yes there is such a thing) and bathe in the soothing sounds of solitude, nature or some cool brain wave music. Rest your body, calm your mind, and retrain your thoughts to be more effective, aware, and intentional throughout your day. It’s basically a mini-vacay for your mind.
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Straight Up (Meditation)

A straight up 30 minute meditation that you can drink up before work, during lunch, or after work. Join us for our signature Zen and Tonic meditation in an intimate, small-group setting, where we’ll learn mindfulness techniques designed to rewire your brain for kindness and compassion. Expect comfortable sitting and soothing stillness, along with some light reading and breath work, as we work together to create a sacred space of awareness and health.
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Cocktail (Yoga)

Group mindfulness classes, served just the way you like it, throughout the day and evening. Our class offerings include yoga, T’ai chi, Qigong, and a variety of other practices that promote mindfulness in motion. You’ll discover the power behind showing up and moving on your mat surrounded by others results in sharing in collective consciousness, collaborative mindfulness, and positive energy exchange.
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*We also feature Happy Hour Specials every day, so be sure to check out our specials online!

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On the Rocks (Seasonal)

A 45-minute walking meditation to the James River and back—perfect for anyone who needs a little movement with their mindfulness and loves meditation on the rocks of our beautiful river.
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By the Glass (Narrative Coaching)

Book a 1-hour, one-on-one narrative coaching session. Your certified narrative coach is expertly trained to help you totally transform your self-talk: de-stigmatizing the memories and beliefs that are no longer serving you, de-coupling any negative narratives from your identity, and redirecting that energy towards what you really want to manifest. (Aka: you’ll learn the science and psychology behind why mindfulness REALLY works to change your life.) In doing so, you’ll actually rewire your neural circuitry, creating more space for the kind of learning, change, and growth that’ll send you in new—positive directions.
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By the Bottle (Workshops)

Reserve your half- or full-day group workshop. Come to us or we can bring the bottle to you. Learn the science and psychology behind how and why mindfulness really works to rewire your brain. We’ll work on how, with a whole lot of knowledge and a little bit of stillness, you can actually change the behaviors that are no longer serving you. You’ll leave your workshop with the tools you need in order to build a strengths-based culture, at work and at home. Workshops will include thought leader content in workbook format, plus easy steps on how to implement EVERYTHING you’ve just learned into your own life.
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Need A Chaser?

At Mindfulness Bar, we’re always chasing adventures. Our “local brew” will take you around Richmond, as we enjoy outdoor yoga, meditation, and plenty more that RVA has to offer. (Think: Mindfulness meets hiking, biking, boating, and wine tasting.)

In the mood for some “local spirits” instead? We have local weekend retreats too!
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Total Detox

Can’t get away from the office to get your fix but need a total detox? No problem! Check out our quarterly retreats: we’re headed to Greece, Italy, India, Spain… the possibilities are limitless!
Tuscany Italy Chase Adventure

Want to set up your own bar?

Mindfulness Bar offers onsite consciousness consulting and classes to asses you and your team’s thirst for more.

We’re experts in demonstrating how in-office behaviors impact a bottom-line, and our tried-and-true methods for combining mindfulness techniques with business tools are designed to help business owners and leaders move towards greater success.

We provide onsite consulting that’ll teach you how to design, deliver, and implement mindfulness spaces and techniques at work and at home.
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