Mindfulness Bar FAQ

Is there a difference between meditation and mindfulness?

Are there different types of meditation?

So, how do I start?

But seriously, do I have to show up on a mat in a lotus pose?

How about keeping my eyes closed?

Not to sound super judgy or anything, but can you dispel the “hippy notion” around meditation?

What is the real scientific value in meditation?

I don’t even have time to work out these days, let alone to meditate. What is the time commitment?

Does it matter if I meditate alone or with others?

What is the difference between a master and a student?

Can you explain abundance consciousness?

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT at Mindfulness Bar

Do we serve alcohol?

What do you charge?

What should I bring?

What is this I hear about a mandatory cell phone check?

Where can I park?

What’s up with the logo and the bright yellow color of Mindfulness Bar?

Where can I direct all my other questions?