FAQ – What is this I hear about a mandatory cell phone check?

You heard right. We don’t offer WiFi, and we don’t want to see your cell phone. If you want to hang out at our bar, you’re actually going to have to hang out with us—we want you to be mindful and present in our space. In fact, everything we’ve built at Mindfulness Bar is designed to keep you in the present moment. For that reason we have a coat/phone check closet to store your “stuff”.

Some other things you can check at the door include: shame, blame, judgement, and negativity. We don’t want that shit stuck to us (and, honestly, we want you to unstick yourself from it too.) You’re responsible for the energy that you bring into our space—and we want it to be high vibin’, lightness and magnetism, sans cell phone.

You’re coming into a sacred, safe space to get real with yourself. You’re powerful beyond measure and you’re coming to Mindfulness Bar to tap into that. (Whether you know it yet or not.)