FAQ – Not to sound super judgy or anything, but can you dispel the “hippy notion” around meditation?

One stereotype plaguing meditation is that in order to become more mindful you have to let go of all your earthly possessions and become a monk and live in a monastery and only ever wear orange linen—and that is super cool if that’s your calling. But guess what: that’s not OUR calling. And if you’re reading this, chances are it’s not your calling either.

You don’t actually have to do ANY of that to get to a place of mindfulness. It’s okay to have an abundant consciousness (in other words, it’s okay to like all your stuff.) The key isn’t to just get rid of all your material stuff, but rather realize that you’re not owned or defined by it. If it all goes away, you’re not attached to it. You can meditate and be mindful and still be successful by the world’s definition.

That’s what Mindfulness Bar is all about: the fact that you can be mindful, awake, and aware and still live in the mainstream world, with all your stuff. (Yeah, we’re talking meditating in your Louboutins.) We’re challenging folks to redefine that “hippy notion” by making mindfulness mainstream.