FAQ – I don’t even have time to work out these days, let alone to meditate. What is the time commitment?

We’re just gonna shoot this one to you straight—this isn’t about time, it’s about desire. If you desire to meditate badly enough, you’ll find the time. (Just like you found all that time to watch Tidying Up on Netflix last week.) There’s no magic number to meditating—you just have to show up and sit with us. Just know, like anything else that you do, the outcome is based on the input. Ask yourself: at what level do I want change to occur? Repetition and practice is key: mindfulness requires commitment, and it requires that you make a habit of it—just like anything else you desire to be successful at.

If the time commitment seems overwhelming, start with one minute. When you’re ready, move on to two minutes. Our doors are open to you.