FAQ – Does it matter if I meditate alone or with others?

Yes! (And no… but if you ask us, mostly yes!)

Basically, we want you to meditate wherever and whenever you can—and if that means alone, you should still go for it.

BUT… when you show up and sit with a group of people, something unbelievably sexy happens. Whether it’s 1, 100, or 1,000 other people, your energy connects with the subtle energy of all the other people around you to create a collective consciousness. And that collective consciousness is pretty badass. See, individually we all have our own energy that we bring to the world, but when we connect that energy to the energy of a group of like-minded people, our energy basically enters warp speed. You want to come meditate with us, because when you participate in a collective consciousness, you literally transform the energy of the subatomic particles that exist all around you. (And to be totally honest, we want you in the space because we kinda want your good vibes too.)

Plus, at Mindfulness Bar we don’t just dive right into meditation. We do a little knowledge sharing first—we share the science and psychology of our practices at the beginning of each session, so you’ll know exactly what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. You’re getting access to masters here.