FAQ – Do we serve alcohol?

Funny you should ask. And nope, we don’t.

We’re not saying you have to stop drinking altogether to achieve a state of mindfulness, we’re just saying: don’t do it with us. When you drink alcohol, it produces dopamine in your brain and body, taking you out of the present moment, putting you asleep (physically, mentally AND spiritually), and negates all the hard work you’re doing to wake up. And the waking up is what you came to Mindfulness Bar to do.

What we DO serve is Persian coffee, tea, herbally-infused water, fresh juices, and all kinds of things that are good for you. Oh yeah—and we don’t do disposable. If you want one of our treats, we want you to sit down and stay awhile. We’re talking fine china and crystal, mindful sipping, and actual conversation with the people around you. We’ll also have some mocktail specials for our happy hours, and signature non-alcoholic sips created just for us.