FAQ – But seriously, do I have to show up on a mat in a lotus pose?

We can’t stress this enough: THERE ARE NO RULES! You can sit, you can lay down, you can recline on a pillow, you can rest on your knees, you can curl up into a little tiny ball and pull a blanket over your head. You just show up.

When you hold space for meditation, you also hold space for your body and your mind to communicate what is best and most comfortable for you. In meditation, it is natural to adjust, switch positions, and fidget. You are training your mind and your body to work together in the present moment with your soul. Eventually, you will grow to find an attentive, alert, regulated, calm, and comfortable space that your body can hold for an extended period of time. We want you to be comfortable—because the more comfortable your body is, the easier it is to shift your awareness to your mind. We’d rather you show up and fidget on your mat than not show up at all.

Oh, and yeah, we have lots of props for you to use.