Corporate Classes

Let Shockoe Slip Yoga make your office more flexible. There is no denying it, happy, healthy employees equal better employees. Investing in the well being of your people will bring you results that you never considered.

Here are just a few of the benefits employees will gain from doing yoga at work: reduced stress, increased energy, improved focus and attention, and strength both physically and mentally.

What that means for you as an employer, better productivity, and savings on healthcare costs, reduced staff absence and turnover. Plus everyone will have enjoyment from an activity at work!

Our certified yoga instructor will come to your place of business as long as you have a conference room or cleared space for people to practice. We teach a 45-60 minute yoga class in Vinyasa or other preferred style.

Our rate is $100 per class for one class per week. We do have reduced rates for bookings of more than once per week.

Please contact for more information.