9 Stellar Impacts Your Mindful Presence Can Have on the World

Seriously, Be the Brightest Light in the Room

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How many times have you walked into a room and thought: Hello, I’m here! and nobody takes notice? You’ve brought all your light to brighten a room, only to discover it’s not received.

That’s exactly what I experienced, often, growing up. And, if you’re anything like me, in moments like that you might have learned: Don’t be the brightest light in the room. You don’t deserve to be seen.

Seriously, forget anyone who’s not interested in seeing you. That’s their right and their business.

Just like it’s YOUR right and YOUR business to be the brightest light in the room if that’s who you authentically are.

For everyone else—aka: the folks who see your light and love that you shine it so brightly—there are nine tremendous affects your mindful presence with others can have. When you consciously decide to hold yourself in a space of positive emotions, others will feel good being around you, too. You’re humming along at the top of the Emotional Guidance Scale when you bring your purest essence, your light, and the truth of who you are into every room and situation, and anyone paying attention won’t help but feel drawn to your vibes.

Sounds like a dream, right? Being seen and celebrated exactly as you are?

But here’s the thing: You can’t offer any of your fullest presence to someone else unless you’re offering it to yourself first. That starts with sitting with yourself and discovering a more loving, kind, and aware truth within. It is in doing the work of cultivating an inner calm (aka: shutting up and sitting) that you are then able to offer the world a fully present outer calm—one that comes from a place of integrity, self-love, and healthy belief systems. Any one of us can shine our brightest light into any room, but that first requires going within and discovering the essence yourself, before you can shine it out into the world.

When you’re ready, consider these nine impacts your mindful presence can have on the world.

  1. Your presence instills calmness. People who feel empowered by your presence will become kindred spirits. That can only happen if they feel safe rather than attacked, secure rather than judged, heard rather than harassed.
  2. Your presence leaves others feeling energized. Your frequency automatically transfers to others. When you are at a positive frequency, it energizes others without you even speaking a word. They desire that energy to continue to flow and, as such, they are motivated to seek higher frequencies for themselves.
  3. Your presence allows others to feel better about themselves. Your compassionate, egoless energy will have a noticeably pleasant impact and cause others to feel good about themselves.
  4. Your presence allows others to feel unified. As you raise your frequency, others feel called to be on the same team. You are a unifying force.
  5. Your presence instills a sense of purpose. When you are at a positive frequency, you bring something to others that feels inexplicable. Your presence and behavior from a place of love, acceptance, nonjudgment, and kindness become a catalyst for others to feel purpose in their lives.
  6. Your presence allows others to trust in authentic personal relationships. In an atmosphere of higher frequencies, trust is naturally enhanced. You’ll notice willingness from others to open up and confide in you.
  7. Your presence inspires others to greatness. When you make others aware of their magnificence and potential, the service offered by that positive energy transmission is immeasurable. They will reciprocate in ways that astound and delight you.
  8. Your presence aligns others with others. Bonding synergy is inherent in higher frequencies. As you bond with another, you inspire them to connect and bond with others, thus improving the connectivity of the universe.
  9. Your presence instills health rather than sickness. The higher the resonance of your energy field, the more you’re able to impact others with a healing energy.

This sounds all well and good, right? Who wouldn’t want to feel these impacts within themselves and share them with the rest of the world?

But remember: The point of shutting up and sitting isn’t to get the world to love you. (That’s just your ego talking, again.) The point of cultivating mindful presence is to arrive at a space of acceptance, compassion, and loving-kindness for YOURSELF first; to discover the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that are no longer serving you, and then to walk through them to discover the grand truth that lies on the other side of all the stuff that’s been holding you back.

After all, the whole world might not be waiting for you, but YOU’VE been waiting for you.

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