Two brilliant minds, two beautiful souls, two brunette babes: one rockin’ good time. (But, you know, quietlyrockin’.) The doors of Mindfulness Bar are open!

We began with just one question: “why does mindfulness have to be so serious, anyway?” And, hey, do we really have to forgo all our earthly indulgences (fancy clothes, sassy shoes, Nordstrom’s, Tiffany’s and guys your sleek, fast cars—you know how it is) to become truly enlightened? It turns out, you don’t! At least, that’s what the dynamic duo behind Shockoe Slip Yoga (RVA’s most relaxed and friendly yoga studio) and Fantastically Fit (RVA’s premier corporate wellness and executive coaching company) decided, and so they went to work combining their expertise to create the Mindfulness Bar: a fun and adventurous place of yoga, meditation, and self-actualization; where each moment is filled with constant joy, continuous creation, never-ending expansion, and complete fulfillment.

Let’s make silence sexy and mindfulness mainstream. You with us?

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